Mickey Haller Series

In 2005, Michael Connelly published a novel called The Lincoln Lawyer. This was the first book in a new series by the bestselling author featuring Mickey Haller.

Since then, he’s released several books featuring Haller – both as the main character in his own series and as a minor character in some of the Harry Bosch novels.

We’ve therefore provided a list below of all the books in the Mickey Haller series. This is split into three sections – books in the main series, short stories in which he’s the main character and other books of which he’s part.

The list links to dedicated pages for each of the stories. On those pages you’ll find:

  • When the novels or short stories were published
  • A description of the book
  • An image of the book cover
  • A link to the story on Amazon where you can read reviews or buy a copy

We also have a separate list of all of Michael Connelly’s books in chronological order.

Mickey Haller Series In Order

  1. The Lincoln Lawyer
  2. The Brass Verdict
  3. The Reversal
  4. The Fifth Witness
  5. The Gods Of Guilt

Short Stories

  1. The Perfect Triangle
  2. Burnt Matches

Other Books Featuring Mickey Haller

  1. Nine Dragons
  2. The Black Box
  3. The Crossing