Michael Connelly – Void Moon

Void Moon is a standalone book by Michael Connelly that features the character Cassie Black.

This story was released on December 7, 1999.

Void Moon book description

In L.A. Cassie Black is another beautiful woman in a Porsche: except Cassie just did six years in prison and still has “outlaw juice” flowing in her veins.

Now Cassie is returning to her old profession, taking down a money man in Vegas. But the perfect heist goes very wrong, and suddenly Cassie is on the run – with a near-psychotic Vegas “fixer” killing everyone who knew about the job.

Between Cassie and the man hunting her are a few last secrets: like who really set up the job, why Cassie had to take the change, and how, in the end, it might all be a matter of the moon…

Void Moon

Michael Connelly Void Moon

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