Michael Connelly – Red Eye

Red Eye is a short story that Michael Connelly co-authored with Dennis LeHane. It features Connelly’s character Harry Bosch and Lehane’s Patrick Kenzie.

This story was released in a collection of short stories by many different authors called FaceOff, but has since been released as a standalone book.

The original publication date of Red Eye was June 3, 2014 and was subsequently released as a standalone short story on November 4, 2014.

Red Eye book description

Harry Bosch finds himself on unfamiliar territory when he arrives at Boston’s Logan airport, on the trail of a fifteen-year-old unsolved murder.

Meanwhile, local P.I. Patrick Kenzie is sniffing around the same suspect that Bosch is tracking — but for a totally different reason: the recent disappearance of a seventh grade girl labeled as a runaway by the lead detective in charge of the case.

Kenzie isn’t so sure the girl went willingly out of her bedroom window in the middle of the night.

When the two veterans meet outside the suspect’s house, each man plays a vital part in solving the other’s crime.

Red Eye

Michael Connelly Red Eye

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