Michael Connelly – Mulholland Dive

Michael Connelly’s Mulholland Dive is a short story that had a publication date of May 1, 2007.

It was originally released as part of a collection of short stories called Los Angeles Noir and was subsequently included in several other short story collections.

It’s now available as part of a collection of three short stories all written by Michael Connelly.

Mulholland Dive book description

In “Cahoots,” a backroom poker game turns deadly when a cheater is exposed.

In “Mulholland Dive,” a man who deciphers the hidden codes of accident scenes investigates a fatality off L.A.’s most fabled roadway.

In “Two-Bagger,” an obsessed cop tails an ex-con he believes is about to carry out a contract killing.

Mulholland Dive

Michael Connelly Mulholland Dive

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