Michael Connelly Bibliography

Here’s a complete Michael Connelly bibliography – a list of all his books and short stories in alphabetical order.

We also have a separate list of all his books in chronological order – you can find that here.

This list has links to pages for each of his books. On those pages you can find the following information:

  • When the story was published
  • Whether it’s part of a series
  • A description of the book
  • An image of the book cover
  • A link to buy the novel on Amazon

Michael Connelly Bibliography

A Darkness More Than Night
A Fine Mist Of Blood
After Midnight
Angels Flight
Angle Of Investigation
Blood Washes Off
Blood Work
Blue On Black
Burnt Matches
Chasing The Dime
Christmas Even
Cielo Azul
City Of Bones
Crime Beat
Dark Sacred Night
Echo Park
Fair Warning
Father’s Day
Lost Light
Mulholland Dive
Nine Dragons
One Dollar Jackpot
Red Eye
Suicide Run
The Black Box
The Black Echo
The Black Ice
The Brass Verdict
The Burning Room
The Closers
The Concrete Blonde
The Crooked Man
The Crossing
The Drop
The Fifth Witness
The Gods Of Guilt
The Last Coyote
The Late Show
The Lincoln Lawyer
The Lineup
The Narrows
The Night Fire
The Overlook
The Perfect Triangle
The Poet
The Reversal
The Safe Man
The Scarecrow
The Wrong Side Of Goodbye
Trunk Music
Two Kinds Of Truth
Void Moon